E&S Legal Office

Solicitor Magdalena  Eckersdorf
Attorney-at-law Marta Siewiera-Misiuda

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03-10-2017 | Welcome

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Advocate Office
Solicitor Magdalena Eckersdorf
Attorney-at-law Marta Siewiera-Misiuda

Uniwersytecka Street 18 lok.5
90-243 Łódź
Tel/fax: +48 42 632 61 78
E-mail: kontakt@adwokates.pl

Solicitor Magdalena Eckersdorf
Tel.: +48 605 218 610
E-mail: magdalena.eckersdorf@adwokatura.pl

Attorney-at-law Marta Siewiera-Misiuda
Tel.: +48 695 812 197
E-mail: m.siewiera@adwokates.pl

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E&S Legal Office renders legal services for both individual clients and entrepreneurs, foundations, associations and local government entities. Our team speaks Polish, English and German.

Dziedziny prawa:

  • Civil law
  • Real property, construction investments
  • Third party liability insurances
  • Criminal and misdemeanor law in the area of transport occurrences
  • Companies and partnerships law
  • Labour law
  • Education law
  • Intellectual property
  • Foreign nationals
  • Family law

Scope of services:

  • Court representation

  • Representation before administrative bodies

  • Legal service of investments and projects

  • Legal service of entrepreneurs

  • Out-of- court negotiations management, participation in mediations

  • Recovery of claims in the territory of Poland and German-speaking countries

  • Due diligence (legal audit)

  • Drawing up legal opinions and legal documents

  • Legal advice

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E&S Legal Office is located in Łódź and operates since 2005. It was founded by solicitor Magdalena Eckersdorf and attorney-at law Marta Siewiera-Misiuda, who are now accompanied by a team of collaborators. The team specializes in legal services for Polish and foreign entities in the areas of civil, economic and administrative law.

A separate section of our legal office specializes in motor insurance law and represents clients in liquidation and court proceedings in liability cases as well as in criminal and misdemeanor cases concerning road accident. We render services for both individual clients and entrepreneurs, foundations, associations and local government entities.

Our legal office cooperates with legal services’ insurers within the area of the European Union and also with other legal offices located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our team speaks both English and German.

Handling individual cases, our legal office is supported by well-established cooperation with notaries, expert auditors, property appraisal experts, traffic accidents reconstruction experts, vehicle appraisal experts, medicine, construction and geodetic experts and sworn translators. While working with our clients, our priorities are availability, speed of rendered services and their high quality.